DST Election – Voting Phase

Good morning, DMH!
Your candidates for DST are as follows:
  • Sarah Himebaugh
  • None of the Above
Sarah’s application is below.
I am combining the Q&A period with the Voting Period for this election. At this time, please feel free to pose questions for Sarah in this thread, to be answered publicly.
Voting will be open until Monday, October 15th at 9:00 am. Please send your votes to me and to proctor Randi House at:
Please use the Subject line “AZ-010-D – DST Vote”
The format of the email should be formatted as the following example:
Your Name
Your MES Number
Candidates, in order of preference.
Warm regards,
Alex Winfield
SW ARST Elections
Name, Membership Number, Email Address
Sarah Himebaugh US2009054046
I want to see this domain run well administratively, with clear and open communication and cooperation between the DC and DST offices, and also between the DST and the higher Coordinator chain of command.  Our domain already does this well in my opinion, and the primary power for running games at this time is in the hands of the VSTs, leaving the DST primarily as administration, coordination, and oversight, while supporting the VSTs to the degree requested.  I feel like I’ve helped with this over the past year, and want to continue to maintain the level of coordination and communication we’ve achieved so far.
I am also excited at the idea of helping our domain with the upcoming MESCON 2019 in Scottsdale, and recognize the DST (as well as local VSTs) will need to communicate with and assist the Convention ST staff, to help prevent unintended disruption of local continuity, since the presence of so many non-locals as STs makes accidents or confusion more likely.
Plan of Action
I plan to continue to carry out the duties of the office, check the database with frequency, file all reports promptly, respond to emails in a timely fashion, and maintain open communication with the DC’s office, as well as the ST chain of command as necessary.  We’re about to have a number of VST elections, some of which will occur shortly before our upcoming Feature Game in January, and I want to make sure the incoming VSTs have all of the support and assistance needed
I want to continue working with the potential Interim VST, and get the proposed third Masquerade VSS in the domain off the ground, as I feel there is a particular urgency to do so soon, to guarantee the new VSS has input into MESCON 2019 in terms of having VSS-controlled territory in the domain.  With a national convention here in the next year, it is especially important to my mind, to have which areas are controlled by a VSS clearly delineated, as part of the mentioned proactive efforts to prevent disruption of continuity.
Member since 2009
DMH ADC Charities July 2009-June 2011
Charities Lead, SWRE 2010
DMH ADST OWoD Influence May 2011-July 2011
DMH Geist VST July 2011-May 2012
DMH Masquerade Cam/Anarch VST July 2011-February 2013
DMH ADC Administration June 2012-February 2013
DMH ADC Charities May 2013-March 2014
Charities Second, SWRE 2014
DMH DC March 2014-April 2016
SW Region ADC Charities July 2017-present
DMH DST September 2017-present
AANC Charities Projects June 2018-present
Required membership/standards/discipline statement
I am currently a paid member of MES, have no disciplinary actions, and have completed all required Standards for the position of DST.

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