Garou – Game Announcement , October 6th 2018

It is time
Time to take the fight to your enemies.
New leaders have been chosen. New friends, and enemies, have made themselves known.
Date / Times:
Saturday, October 6th
Check-in : 10:30 am
Game Start : 11:00 am
Game End : 3:30 pm
Fully Reset Room / Hard Exit : 4:00 pm
OOC Location:
Don Cassano Community Room
200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd Floor
Tempe, AZ 85281
Parking is available in the garage across the street.
FGoTM Raffle!:
In order to assist in funding our 2019 DMH Featured Game of the Month in January, the following items shall be raffled off at our next game, 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5:
1) A Bonus Downtime Action for use in the next DT Cycle!
2) A 3 Gnosis Refresh at game, can be used in combat, requires a Simple Action, cannot take you over cap.
3) A Level 3 Talen!
4) 1 Fleeting Glory Renown!
5) 1 Fleeting Wisdom Renown!
6) 1 Fleeting Honor Renown!
7) One free WP retest at game, can be used in combat, cannot be used in CvC
NOTE: Each PC can only win one item.

Conner Nigrovic
DMH Apocalypse VST

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