IC: Invitation to a Halloween Party

((OOC: Delivered to the Officers, Primogen, Elders, Anarch Ambassador and Independent Alliance Emissaries))

You are jovially invited to our upcoming gather, hosted by the Toreador in celebration of Halloween.

<<Attached Invitation>>

Costumes are expected, as are RSVPs – the venue has various security measures that would be unfortunate to run afoul of!

As always, the Traditions of the Camarilla are to be in full effect. After speaking with His Majesty, I have requested the following terms for the gathering:

– No offensive use of disciplines on another Kindred or attendee (in the case of Ghouls who may be present).
– No party crashers – RSVP or pay the Prestation to attend without having done so.
– Do not damage the art, furnishings or the club itself.

I intend to personally host a Symbel for Ancilla and Neonates in the way of rewarding those who costume well. Should an Elder wish to host one, I would be honored to have such at our soiree.


Jozef Prinz
Primogen of the Roses

OOC Notes:
It is expected that this will be passed out to all viable players in the game. 🙂 He’s just following his internal protocol.

Also, in terms of the RSVPs – it is assumed your character has done so, unless you specifically choose not to do so. If that is the case, we’ll sort that out IC! No need to worry about filling out a form. 🙂

I’d love for people to dress up!  We post the pictures up on our Domain’s photo gallery and show off how awesome and creative our Domain can be!

Bryan Himebaugh

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