FGotM Staff Announcement!

From our illustrious event second!

Good afternoon!  Just a quick announcement for the FGoTM and the who’s-who.  This information has been updated on the website, but we wanted to send out the information here as well:


Staff announcements for PHX FGoTM 2019


Event Lead: Conner Nigrovic

Event Second: Charmain Hopkins

Media Lead : Bryan Himebaugh

Charities Lead : Bryan Lee Briggs

Decoration Coordinator: Bryan Lee Briggs

Volunteer Lead : OPEN

Security Lead : OPEN


ST announcements (dependent on election results)


ST LEAD (DST) : Sarah Himebaugh

C/A/I : Chris White (confirmed – no election pending)

Sabbat: Bryan Lee Briggs

Apoc: Conner Nigrovic


As you can see, we still need some help with someone who can assist us in wrangling volunteers for the event, and someone who would be willing to help us with hotel security.  If you are interested in either of these positions, please let us know no later than 10/12/2018.  Also, if anyone is interested in learning the ropes, and witnessing how all of this comes together, let me know and I can add you to the FGoTM Staff group, and you can learn how we make the magic happen! (and occasionally get more gray hair that we started off with).


Thank you,




PHX FGoTM 2019 – event 2nd

MESCON 2019 – Concierge Lead

Bryan Himebaugh

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