Domain Storyteller Election

Good afternoon, Dead Man’s Hand.

It is that time again!  I am now taking applications for the position of Domain Storyteller for the next year.
The timeline for this election is as follows:
1. Application Submission – Deadline: Monday, October 8th, at 09:00 PST
2. Application Review – I will review the applications. This process will take no longer than one week, and probably not longer than one day.
3. Domain Evaluation – The constituency will have the opportunity to review the applications and ask questions of the applicants. This should take no longer than one week, but I might extend it if there’s a particularly lively discussion going on.
4. Voting Period – Votes will be sent by email to myself and to proctor(s) to be named later. To ensure a fair vote, this will take one week.  I may combine the Q&A period with the voting period in the event that only one person runs.
5. Tabulation and announcement – This will not take longer than a week, and will likely take no more than a few days.
Please submit your applications to the elections email address at
Your application should include:
Name, membership number, email address, other contact information as you desire. This information will be sent to the entire electorate.
Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during your term of office.
Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to accomplish the goals stated in your objective.
Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as well as any relevant Non-Club Experience.
A sentence stating that you are a paid and current member who has (or will within thirty days) complete the requisite Standards, and disclosing any disciplinary actions you have been subject to within the last two years.
For DSTs, at this time the required standards are Membership Chapters 1-8, Website, Contact, ST Standard and ST Process.
Please let me know if I can provide any further information!

Alex Winfield
SW ARST Elections

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