Garou – 9/29/18 Domain Meeting and Game Location Update!

The Apocalypse game tomorrow will be moved to Casa de Houtekier. I’ll make an official announcement from the Apoc ST account after I get off work today.
Given that the Domain meeting is scheduled to start at 4 and wrap my 6, I believe that is enough time for people to arrive and find parking before the Parking Structure becomes over-crowded. Additionally ASU has recently re-finished additional parking lots behind the Stadium, on the opposite side of A Mountain from the Don Cassano Room.
As such, and given that the layout and location  of the Don Cassano Room are both more suited to a Domain Meeting, I will be keeping the Domain Meeting at the Don Cassano Room, though I will be changing the end-time for the meeting to 5:30 pm, as opposed to 6 pm as was initially scheduled.

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