CoD-X – CoD-X game 9/28/18

The area around has calmed down recently, perhaps people are starting to get into the idea that the christmas spirit is quickly approaching, or perhaps its something else that has calmed the area in the greater Phoenix area, but people seem to be less angry, less ready to jump down the throats of others for the slightest thing.  Is this just a natural reaction to the temperature finally starting to drop, cooling the heads of the residents, or is this something else?

Meetings of “The Watch” have also declined over the last month, with the only ones having been small informal gatherings put on by community organizers.  Where did they go?  Is this lull something that everyone should be thankful for, or something that should be concerning to all of the supernaturals?


Game is at the Casa de Corgi on 9/28 (Friday).  Sign-in is at 7:30, with Game on at 8:00.  Come, have a good time, maybe kill a claimed individual…. who knows….

Kevin Hislop


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