Calling All Artists – 2019 Convention Season Artwork Submissions

Hello, all,

The theme for the 2019 Convention Season is *Repercussions*.

Now that we have a theme, we need a design for said theme. Rather than rely
on ourselves to come up with it, we’ve decided to open it up to the
membership in two phases.

1. Artists, start your engines! We are accepting artwork in support of the
theme. Submissions will be accepted for one month, until 10/4/2018. They
should be submitted in PNG format and sent to me directly.

These submissions will be reviewed and selected choices will be put to a
vote of the membership.

2. The membership will vote on the selected submissions and the winning one
will be what we use for 2019.

Submissions selected for phase 2 (membership vote) will all be awarded 5N,
with the winning one receiving an additional 10N.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to see what
you do!

Jenn Eiland

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