2019 Event and ST Leads


The job of selecting the Event and ST Leads for a convention season is one
that falls to a lot of people. All of the following people provided input
for some or all of this process:

Travis Abston – NST
Beth Moore – ANCA Chief of Staff
Jamie Roy – AANCA Abettor
Pat Colford – ANCA ST Mentor
Jeannie McCoy – GL RC
Paul Marchant – GL RST
Caleb Bonecutter – SC RC
Kelly Nine – SC RST
Abby Estes – NE RC
Matt Blank – NE RST

My thanks to all these people for their time in meetings, answering emails,
reviewing applicants, and providing input.

With that, your 2019 Event and ST Leads are:

Howell Herrin – SCRE 2019 Event Lead –
Michael MJ Jackson – SCRE 2019 ST Lead – scre.st.lead@sc.mindseyesociety.org

David Fuller – GLRE 2019 Event Lead – glre.event.lead@gl.mindseyesociety.org
Apryl Warner – GLRE 2019 ST Lead – glre.st.lead@gl.mindseyesociety.org

Peter Camche – NERE 2019 Event Lead – nere.event.lead@ne.mindseyesociety.org
Tegan M. – NERE 2019 ST Lead – nere.st.lead@ne.mindseyesociety.org

Beth Moore – MESCON 2019 Event Lead –
Pat Colford – MESCON 2019 ST Lead – mescon.st.lead@nca.mindseyesociety.org

I’ll be putting them all to work shortly, so keep an eye out to the lists
for All Calls and Room Block Announcements.

Thank you to all applicants!

Jenn Eiland

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