Board of Directors, Referendum, PACT is Open

Good evening!

*The MES Board of Directors, Referendum, and PACT Voting is now open.
Please read all the way to the end for full voting instructions.*

The Q&A is here:!forum/mes-bod-election-discussion

*This is how you vote:*

We will accept votes by Google Form (requires a google account sign-in):

OR by email (if you do not have a google account or prefer to vote by

Please submit your votes with the email heading: 2018 BoD Vote

To be counted, your e-mail should include:

* Your full name
* Your Membership Number
* Your Expiration Date

Please list your candidates in the order of your votes.


Joe Member
Valid through: 10/2014

1) John Doe
2) Jane Doe
3) Tom Smith
4) Sally Smith
5) NotA
6) NotA

As a reminder, your candidates are: (in alphabetical order by last name)

Abby Estes
Harley Cox
Jen Kuiper
Jim Chastain
Martin Chamberlain
Martin Emery
Nakisha Fox
Owen Sutter
Phillip Trad

Note: Matt Blank has stepped down from candidacy.

*This ballot includes two referenda:*

*Referendum 1:*

Should the MES Constitution, Page 5, Section 6.2.1 be changed to read “If
an elected officer is issued a disciplinary action, at a minimum, all
electors for that office are considered involved parties.”?

Vote YES or NO

*Referendum #2*

Should the MES Constitution, Page 5, Section 7.1 be changed to read “A
member has the right to appeal any decision made by a single officer,
including appeals decisions, to that officer’s supervisor. Letters of
Counseling and decisions made by the Board of Directors may not be

Vote YES or NO

*Finally, we are rerunning the PACT voting:*

Your candidates are:

Bri Barnes
Kizanth Robinson

Best regards,

Roo Wetzel, Director

Roo James Wetzel

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