MES – All Call ANC Chief of Staff

First of all I want to thank Jen Brazas for all of her hard work and
dedication to the National Coordinators office. She was an amazing asset
and I hate that she is leaving the team.

This means that I am looking for a new ANC Chief of Staff.

I am looking for a CoS that is willing to balance me, and give their honest
opinion. The type of work will shift dependent on the week and the needs of
the NC office. The chief job of the CoS is meant to make things slightly
less stressful, to pick up slack on the other staff as needed, and make
sure the ship stays a float.

Here is a list of some of the things that would be expected of the
position: (This is by no means a comprehensive list)

* Setup and run RC elections
* Transfer members in the database
* Reset passwords for the RC/RST email accounts if they need it
* Schedule and lead monthly NC staff meetings
* Schedule and lead quarterly RC meetings
* Periodically check in and make sure ANC Staff needs anything to help with
their projects
* Answer questions from members and coordinators
* Help the ST staff with mediation’s or Communication with players when
* Monitor the Arbitration list and assist the ANC Arbitration to ensure
timely management of cases.
* Monitor Facebook discussions and be a gentle reminder of policy and how
to report things through the system—basically be the “face” person to help
build trust
* Be the NC’s right arm!

So if you think you have was it takes to be the Leo to my Jed…..

Send your MES Resume, including any real life experience, your FB profie
name, along with the reason you want to be the next ANC Chief of Staff to

Kay Stavis

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