MES – Board Election: Application Period 7/16-7/27

Hello MES!

We are now accepting applications for the Board of Directors for Mind’s Eye’s
Society.  There are three seats available which will be filled in an open
election of the general membership of MES.  The seats are currently held by
Holly Houtekier, Martin Chamberlain, and the seat recently vacated by
Spider Wingate.

Per our Bylaws, the first two winners of this election will fill the role
for a three year term; the third place winner will fill the recently
vacated seat for one year to finish out Ms. Wingate’s term.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide vision to the
organization’s direction and future as well as to address all legal,
financial, and corporate responsibilities. There are no specific assigned
duties to the seats and each holds the same responsibility as the other
six.  The Board also acts as the primary supervisor for the
National Offices.

The Board of Directors does not typically handle Coordination
or Storytelling duties; those are handled by the NC and NST.  If you
are interested in impacting the operations of the club, you should
likely consider one of those roles, another national officer role, or a
regional office.

This information on the board can be found at:

*Requirements and information to be a Voting Director for Mind’s
Eye Society:*

There are formal requirements listed in the NPO corporate Bylaws.  If
you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, you should read
the formal language there.  Any member interested in serving the
organization in this way should be familiar with our Bylaws and other
governing documents.

Club Documents:

*Requirement Summary:*

* Have been a member for the prior 36 months from the end of application

* Must disclose any disciplinary actions that you received while a
member of MES, or a member of the CCP-managed US club
* * A letter of counseling is not a disciplinary action.
* * A formal warning is a disciplinary action.
* * An action taken by a list moderator is not a disciplinary action; it
is simply a moderator action.

* Have never been convicted of a felony or any other crime related
to fraud/theft/embezzlement or anything similar.

* Have never been a voluntary and named party to any action
(lawsuit, proceeding, etc.) against CCP and/or White Wolf or subsidiaries
or affiliates.

* You must state all of these things clearly when you apply to a Board
election. Your application will be vetted with the criteria of inclusion
of these formal requirements and may be removed if these items are not
clearly stated as part of the application.

There are some other responsibilities, duties and tasks that will apply
to you as a Voting Director.  This list isn’t exhaustive and may change
or grow over time.

* As a Voting Director – or member of the Board for MES – you will take
fiduciary responsibility for the organization.
* * That means you are financially responsible for the decisions you
make as a Director and can be named in lawsuits against the club.
Realistically speaking, it is unlikely that your personal assets will be
taken (such as your house, your car, and other real property), but the
possibility does exist.
* * This may include signing contracts with hotels and other similar items.

* Understand that the results of any club investigation,
disciplinary action, etc. would be published to the entire US membership.

* Understand that an internal review of your behavior as a Director can
be enacted by the other Voting Directors at any time.

* Support any decisions made by the Board as a whole, regardless of
whether or not you voted for, against, abstained, or otherwise did not
participate on that decision or consensus.

* Understand that you will receive no compensation for serving as a
Voting Director. That means there is no monetary compensation,
prestige, membership class loan, etc. for being a Voting Director.

* Maintain a working knowledge of the current governing documents for
the organization.

* Be able to identify any conflict of interest and promptly report that
to the other Voting Directors (see Section IV.K. of the Bylaws).

* Maintain confidentiality of any required topics before the Board.

* Enhance the public image of the organization and maintain
accountability to the membership.

* Serve as a knowledge source and counsel to fellow members of the Board.

* Commit to a board meeting via a conferencing tool chosen by the Board, every
other week.
* * Currently that is UberConference (headset recommended) on alternating
and Thursdays, from approximately 6:30pm Pacific to 10:30pm Pacific.

* Commit to projects between Board meeting assigned to you as a Director
– generally totaling 5-20 hours a week

* Attend to approximately 50 to 100 emails a day, responding
when applicable.

* Make all reasonable efforts to attend the annual meeting each
year. (Currently that is held at MESCon.)

*How to Apply:*

We will be accepting applications at until July
27th, at 11:59 pm Pacific.

The applicants will be vetted and the candidates will be
announced approximately a week later.  Once announced, we will open up a
one week QA period, after which voting will begin.  Once the voting starts,
members will be given two weeks to submit their votes.  Per statutes, this
vote must meet the minimum quorum to be valid (which is currently 100
votes).  Members who are temporarily suspended by the club cannot be barred
from voting in this election.

There is no particular format, but we will be posting applications on
the web at the beginning of the candidate discussion/Q&A period, so it is
in your best interest to prepare something that will convey
your qualifications to the membership.  You must include as part of
the application the elements required by the Bylaws, or your application
may be removed during the vetting process.

I will be happy to answer direct questions at


Roo James Wetzel

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