Garou – Announcements / July Game Rescheduled

Howdy, guys!
I’ve got some OoC and IC announcements for ya! Lets start with the OoC:
1.) I NEED AVSTs. I’ve put out a few all-calls at games and over the lists, but I have gotten a very limited reply. In fact, I currently had 1 active aVST, and she serves more in a Narrator capacity. I need assistance getting DTs processed, running quests, and spit-balling plot-kits and other fun Ideas. If you’re wondering what you can do to help out the local Apoc game, I strongly encourage you to shoot me an email so I we can chat about you becoming an aVST. I am only one person, and trying to wrangle a 40+ person game is not an winning proposition.
2.) I will be out of town the first weekend in July. As Such, I will be moving the Apoc game to the fourth Saturday in July, the 28th. We will be in the Don Cassano room, but will be having game from 4pm-8pm, with check-in and pre-game ST time starting at 2pm.
3.) You may have noticed that I mentioned Pre-game ST time! I am going to be arriving at the Don Cassano room 2 hours early. Not only will this help with check-in, but I am also going to be making myself available to handle personal plot stuff, IC scenes, or whatever you might need from your ST. These time-slots are going to be blocked out in 15 minute intervals. If you need face-time with your ST, send me an email and I’ll set aside a slot for you. As a note: these slots can be for more than one person if you need pack stuff.
Moving on to the IC Announcement:
1.) News breaks late in the evening that Scottsdale is in flames. Various local news outlets report that a serial Arsonist or Arsonists burned down a large number of buildings in Old Town. In  addition to the fires claiming quite a few homes, a local staple of the Old Town bar scene, O’Bannion’s Bar and Grill, was lost. Authorities are still investigating what happened and searching for the perpetrators.

Conner Nigrovic
DMH Apocalypse VST

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