Cam/Anarch – VST Voting Period


Zachary Snyder has withdrawn his application from the VST election at this time (apologies, email complications prevented me from receiving his initial notice to me of this).
Your VST candidates at this time are now:
Chris White
Please continue voting as before.  Votes received for Zachary Snyder will be counted as a vote for “None of the Above”.  Members who previously submitted votes and would like to correct them in light of this update please resubmit your votes as before, using the subject line “Still Watchtower VST Vote [Updated]“.
Thank you for your patience with this update.


I am beginning the Voting Period for our Cam/Anarch VSS: Still Watchtower VST election.  This will run from today, Friday June 15th – Friday June 22nd (midnight).

Specific instructions for exactly how to vote:
To vote, send an email with the subject line “Still Watchtower VST Vote” to both and
For your vote to be counted, in the body of your email, you must include your full name, your MES ID number, and your submitted vote.
Your submitted vote should rank the candidates from first to last preference.  A voter may rank all, some, or none of the candidates. If a voter finds a particular candidate unacceptable, they should leave the candidate off the ballot. If a voter finds none of the candidates to be an acceptable choice, they may choose to cast a vote for “None of the Above”. Write-in candidates are not allowed, and any vote for someone who is not a candidate in an election will be counted as a vote for “None of the Above”.
The names your VST candidates:
Chris White
Zachary Snyder
Deadline when voting ends: Friday, June 22nd, midnight.  Votes received after this deadline, or from ineligible voters, will not be counted.
For more information on how voting works, how the Instant Runoff System works, and who is eligible to vote, consult the current Member Handbook, chapter 7, beginning on page 43.
If you have any questions about how to vote, or the correct formatting of votes, please consult the Member Handbook, or ask me at rather than guessing, as the voting system, Instant Runoff System, and calculation of results have been a confusing process for some members in the past.  We want you to fully understand how voting works, rather than guessing and potentially casting your vote in a fashion other than your intentions.

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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