Cam/Anarch – Still Watchtower VSS game announcement – Saturday 06/16/2018

Please forgive the brief and entirely OOC nature of this game announcement, during the VST election and transition period, as game continues per our domain’s regular schedule:

Game Date/Time:

Date: Saturday 06/16/2018
Begins: 7pm
Game Begins: 8pm
Game Ends: 12am midnight
OOC Location:
Don Cassano Community Room
As a reminder to everyone, as announced by the Domain Coordinator, we will be having a Domain Meeting at 4pm at the game site, running until (potentially) 6:30pm, and there will be food provided.
From the DC’s announcement: This meeting is open to all current members of the domain, and the goal is to discuss our upcoming featured game, propose local charities to support as a domain, and to discuss the culture and community we want to foster in the Phoenix domain. This meeting is long overdue, and I encourage any and all of members of the domain planning on attending C/A that evening to attend the domain meeting before game, as well as members of the domain not attending our C/A game. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and plot the course we wish to take moving forward. Food will be provided, likely in the form of pizza (though if you have other suggestions, please let me know).
I strongly encourage all members to come to this meeting, even if you do not intend to stay for the Cam/Anarch game.  
Remember!  The VST election is currently going on, if you are eligible to vote, please make sure you do once the voting phase is announced later this week.
Thank you for your patience during this election and transition period.
Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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