Cam/Anarch – VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period)

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.

At this time we have three applicants for the position of VST, for the Still Watchtower Cam/Anarch VSS.  Their Applications follow alphabetic by applicant first name, and you all have through the end of June 11th to review their applications, and ask any relevant questions you have.

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy.  VST candidates will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.

Application #1
Name: Aaron Hanten
MES#: US2014070118

Vision Statement:  Cam/Anarch is one of my favorite venues. It’s the premiere social and political venue in BNS. As the VST I would like to provide players multiple opportunities to delve into high politics, mystery, an exploration of their character’s humanity, or lack there of, and perhaps some monsters along the way.

To create a cooperative environment for both players and staff so that awesome stories can be told.

Plan of action: I want to work to create engaging plot and be inclusive of all players. To build up our player base by expanding upon the previous ST’s initiative to offer opportunities to new players for RP and to become a part of the community. To make sure there is a solid dialog between players and the ST staff by offering an open door policy so players may contact me or my staff with questions.

To grow our community by working with the DC’s office on socials and game related discussions to expand the player bases knowledge of both BNS vampire, but also the MES.

I want to work with the ST chain to offer players chances to engage national and regional plot, as well as bolster our local sandbox for lots of stimulating RP.

2014 avst cam anarch
2015 avst Garou
2016 VST Garou
2017 security second MEScon
2017 ARST special projects (still in position)
2017-18 Charity Lead SWRE

Disciplinary actions: none

I am a paid member

I have passed the Membership and ST standards.

Application #2
Chris ‘PeaNuht’ White
Membership Number US2002034983
Membership Expiration March, 2019
Never had a Disciplinary action in the 20 years of being in the Camarilla/MES

MEMBERSHIP, Prestige, STORD, COORD, WoD, MEMCONTACT, MEMWEBSITE, MEM1-8, CoordStand, CoordProc, StStand, STProc
Old: Tome, Chapters, Creation

Plan of Action
-My One main thing is preparation… preparation and astuteness. Two Main things are preparation and astuteness… and a plan for the future… Three Main things, Come again…
But really;
-First thing would be to get my head wrapped around the current story and plot that is in place, the PCs in play and remove my PC from future content.
-Second would be to get caught up on any backlogs and downtimes.
-Third is plan for the future. What plots should go where and what new plots should be brought in. How can I use current plots to involve new players and other factions. We currently have an app for another VSS for Anarchs and Indies, the VST will need to work closely with them and make sure you are not running plot that screws that VSS over. I’d personal love as well as crossover plot between the two VSSs. Areas of plots to explore, Personal, Clan, Sect, whole Venue. Key is balance without overwhelming the players.
-I plan on keeping all current rules (ie feeding/security of territories, Elders needing minions, ect) that are in place until further notice.
I will be testing my Vampire Mission Rules (Like Quests for Vampires) and then after testing will be instatuting it as a VSS rule. This will allow, I believe, more DT flow and better stories and I hope more involvement.
-I will be honest, if you mess up as a seasoned player or a character that should know better (Elders not acting like such, ect) there are repercussions that may, in the worse case, involve PC death. While i do not set out to kill characters, the fear of it should exist. It is the world of darkness after all.
-I could never forget help… I will need it and will take any and all help, but with knowledge comes responsibility to not abuse it. I have started working on jobs that could be handed off to any player to help make the job of the VST a bit easier.

Coordinator Experience
ANC Prestige – Dec 2014-Jan 2018
ARC Prestige/Chief of Staff – July 2011-Dec 2014
AANC Prestige – Sept 2014-Nov 2014
CC Winchester, VA
o    Started and ran chapter, training those that needed so they could take over.
ACC Fresno – Prestige/Communication – Sept 1998-Oct 2000

Storyteller Experience
VST DMH – Oct 2016 – Jan 2017
VST Omaha Cam/Anarch – Dec 2010-Apr 2012
iCST Fresno Cam/Anarch – Nov 2000-Apr 2000
ACST Fresno Cam/Anarch – May 2000-Jan 2002Application #3

Name: Zachary Snyder
Membership Number: US2011087936
Goals for game: I would like to bring new players in by offering a storyline that everyone can get involved in together. Personal storylines and clan only storylines are good for bringing together players of the same clan but I would like to see and create and storyline that utilizes everyones abilities.
Experience: I have been involved in table top gaming since I was 12, i have run numerous sessions for peoe from Dungeons and Dragons to Scion and World of Darkness, I know what it’s like to be a player and an ST and the frustrations that can come from both..a game is only as good as it’s players but they can’t do their job if the ST is a tyrant (not saying anyone is) so bridging the gap between between ST and Player has become very important in my experience.
Paid membership.
No disciplinary actions.

Will complete required Standards within 30 days.

[End of applications]

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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