MES – Mind’s Eye Society Scholarship

Good Afternoon MES!

The application period for the Minds Eye Society Scholarship is now open!
The deadline is 7/31, so be sure to get your application in so you don’t
miss out!

School is expensive….really really expensive. Let us help! While I’m not
able to personally drive instant ramen out to all of our students, the
Minds Eye Scholarship is a way for the club to help some of our members
with the cost of higher education with a not-for-profit university.

Please note, the Minds Eye Scholarship is administered by a third party
company in order to remove bias and ensure lawful administration. You’re
welcome to send me an email with any questions you may have, but please be
aware that I don’t choose the recipients.

As always, please reach out with questions/comments/concerns/adorable cat
pictures to me at

Tiffany Meagher
ANC Charity

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