Garou – June Game Announcement

It affects all of us. The clawing, needling sickness that worms its way into our hearts, casting doubt and pain in its wake.
But loss is nothing new, and even as death stalks the Sept, new beginnings flourish. New laws passed by the Tribal Council give rise to new hopes and resentments in equal parts.
Ma’at’s Will, Elder of the Silent Striders, intends to host a Flyting. But first the Honored Dead must be laid to rest and the empty Hall of Heroes must have it’s first shrine built.
Hey guys,t he time has come for yet another DMH APOC Game! Woot Woot!
By popular request, the game will be moving to the Don Cassano Room and the Evenings for the summer months.
Downtime actions will be returned to everyone by tomorrow evening
Where: The Don Cassano Room
When: June 2nd. Room opens at 6:30, Game will start at 7:30 and conclude at 12.
Why: Do we even need a reason?
How: Grits and Grace, Boyo!

Conner Nigrovic
DMH Apocalypse VST

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