Garou – Game Announcement, May 2018

IC Announcement:
One year.
Struggle. Hardship. Conflict.
For one year the Sept of Warrior’s Wisdom has existed. For one year it has repelled all attacks and stood strong in the face of the Wyrm.
Almost as if the herald the occasion, the umbra has once again begun to storm. At first these storms were only minor disturbances through the month of April, not uncommon with the changing of seasons. However the evening of May first, the storms turn chaotic and violent, forcing the local spirits to seek shelter within the protection of the Sept.
Despite the harsh storms of the Umbra, the Sept remains strong and gathers to celebrate one year of life. 
Naturally, nothing could possibly go wrong.
OOC Info:
Date / Times:
Saturday, 05/05/2018
Check-in : 11 am
Game Start : 12 pm
Game End : 4-4:30 pm
Fully Reset Room / Hard Exit : 5 pm
OOC Location:
Don Cassano Community Room
Parking is available in the garage across the street.

Conner Nigrovic
DMH Apocalypse VST

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