CoD-X – Game #1 Teaser

A letter arrives to each of you, either in actual letter in the mail, a spirit or some other means.

“Hi.  I would say I hope this has gotten to the right place, but I know that it has. Anyways, my name is Hermes, and I wanted to invite all of you to a get together, something we haven’t had in a while, to renew friendships and business dealing.   I will be holding the meeting at The Underground, a Club just off Mill in Tempe.  The entrance is down the stairs under the smoke shop.   When you get there, show Alexander, the guard at the door, this symbol” a picture of a stylized U and H “and he will know you are here as one of my guests and he will direct you to the meeting area.

I look forward to seeing you all there,

Hermès, purveyor of Luck and Fate”


Ooc: Sorry about the late announcement, it was still sitting in my draft folder

Game Site: Casa de Corg (contact the VST at for address)
: 7:00
Game on 8:00

OOC: Kevin Hislop

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