SW MES – San Diego FGotM

HI Again MES!

I may have already posted once today but, we have made some adjustments
that I wanted to get out to you all immediately!

Again, our FGotM is coming up this month April 13th and 14th in Rancho
Bernardo at the Radisson Hotel.

Details as a reminder …


04/13/2018 and 04/14/2018


– Raddison Hotel Rancho Bernardo 11520 W Bernardo Ct, San Diego, CA 92127


Friday 04/13/2018
– OOC/IC Checkin from 6pm to 8pm
– SPAAACE! The Infinite Edge from 7pm to Midnight

– Saturday 04/14/2018
– OOC/IC Checkin from 10am to 8pm
– Apocalypse from Noon to 5pm
– Vampire the Masquerade from 7pm till Midnight

– $30 for the entire Event or $15 for a single game (by two get one free 😉 )

Anyone wishing to prepay for the event may do so using the following link:

*You may also pay for others if you wish which is worth 10 Regional Prestige ($3 per 1 Regional) or if you wish to pay for an open registration  for someone unable to cover their cost but wanting to go you may do so and  we will have those available for anyone needing.
** People looking for assistance to email myself at their discretion (

– DC
– Joseph Carl White II

– Jacob Beiber

– Jonathan Nunley

– Apocalypse
– Daniel Goode

– Vampire
– Gabe Fortes

 Teasers for all games to go out soon!

Also, we are looking for NPC’s and volunteers! Not only will you earn Prestige but you’ll be helping the domain. Please let the corresponding VSTs know if you’re interested via email or reach out to Christina Campbell.

Lastly … we will be selling fuel at the game for the various genres (blood, willpower, gnosis, etc) so that you can be prepared for whatever comes you way!

We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it and having the opportunity to showcase some of the venues we run in San Diego!

Have a great day!

Joseph Carl White II
DC Ca-057-D

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