Garou – Arizona going to San Diego feature game.

Ooc ish: So I know quite a few of you are planning on going to the San Diego feature game. I am posting the latest request from the SD VST. And I wanted to open discussion on what we all want to do and if we wanted to stick together in what part of the fighting ect. So here you go:

First I would like to say thank you to all of you for your trust and time. I hope that my staff and I are able to make this go as smooth and make it as fun as possible.

Next I would like to extend a special thank you to Nichole for her efforts to put the list together to make this so much easier for staff with the google document she made, thank you Nichole it is truly appreciated.

So at this point I wanted to go over some OOC information, and get us communicating. For those that are local players of mine I of course already have your sheets, the only head sup I would like is if you plan to be at the game that weekend (life happens), and if so if you plan to be at the Bhictoria fight.

I would like to state again here, and remind people, this is Bhictoria MacDougal, this is going to be a very brutal, possibly long, and deadly fight. If you are even remotely concerned with the loss of your character, being in the main attack squad is probably not where you want to be as it is very possible to happen.

At the game we will be running the fight with Bhictoria MacDougal. Before the event staff and I would like to have all the side scene options done and handled so that information can be disseminated ahead of time and people can start talking about what happened at the same time. This will make sure everyone has stories to tell and share and the rumors, gossip, and all that can roll out at once.

Feel free to hit me up on facebook or here at any time if you have questions, concerns, or curiosities.

So, a check list of stuff I really would like form you guys by April 1st of 2018 (no, i’m not joking).
-Character Sheet and all approval numbers.
-List which of the following scenes do you wish to be at.
a.) Bhictoria MacDougal fight
b.) Protect the Caern/Sept
c.) Help with interrupting support and handling Pentex Assets and Allies.
d.) Other, list in detail your other plan for not being on any of these sites.
-Do you wish to challenge for control of the fighting?
-Do you have some plan to seize claim of the victory?
-Please be sure to have item cards for your gear/fetishes/talens.

Template below:
Talen/fetish Level:
Created By: (Character and Player name please)
Equipment Qualities: (If Any)
Talen/Fetish Qualities:

Now I know many of you have filled this out already, or may be planning to show up in person but this would really help out with organization and preparation to have this information ahead of time. I know the form you filled out with Nichole covers some of this information, but the more we have to read about your character, the way they act and fight, etc. the more we can make sure we portray everything as closely as possible. Thanks again for your time and interest.

As a note, no need to post all that here you can just send it to me directly at

Daniel T Goode

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