SW MES – Character Transfers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to the attention of the Regional Storyteller’s office that
there is some confusion over transferring characters from one VSS to

According to page 11 in the membership handbook:
*”To transfer a character to another VSS, obtain approval from the
Storyteller with jurisdiction over both their current venue and the venue
they want to join. “*

This means that if you are transferring a character between two VSS in the
same region you MUST obtain approval for the transfer from at minimum, the
old VST, the new VST and the RST office BEFORE you can make the transfer.

Generally this is done by sending an email with all the appropriate
officers on it.

The RST office at this time also requires the approval of the old and new
DSTs before it will provide approval for the transfer.

Moving forward from the time and date of this announcement, character
transfers that occur without following this procedure will result in
Disciplinary Action taken.

Thank you

Erin Miracle

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