NCA – Notes for ECRE and Beyond


CAiNE kicked off our convention season, as well as starting the CoD-X
venue, and we’re super grateful to Jessica and her team for the excellent

Next up we have ECRE in Cincinatti
<>, then SWRE in Reno
in May <>. And, of
course, MESCON in Memphis in June
<>. You can find
details of all these events on the MES website, including Registration and
Hotel information.

A few things to remind everyone about as we start conventions in the Lower

1. Please remember that we have changed Character Registration Procedures
The first page of the document is the background so you can skip to page 2
for necessary instructions. We will have hard copies of this procedure at
Registration as well, but please make sure that gets passed around to the
appropriate OOC lists.

2. I want to discuss what might be a slightly delicate topic – hugging. We
are a somewhat affectionate lot as a group and one of the things many of us
love about the organization is a sense of comfort with each other. After
all, we have a certain level of weird in common. However, it is important
to remember that hugging is still a physical interaction and it does
require *active consent*. Some people don’t like to be touched, others
might have physical conditions that make touch physically painful. A
person’s comfort level while scantily costumed may be different than their
comfort level in a suit. Don’t assume that because someone is hugged by
someone else that they will be comfortable being hugged by you. Asking if
someone can be hugged is always better than assuming.

3. Every year I hear the same concern from Event Staff – “we are very low
on volunteers”. We can talk all we want about the reasons, but in the end
we’re a volunteer organization. If everyone who attends a convention gives *one
hour* of time to the event, we would never be short on volunteers. You also
get prestige and VIP for doing so! Stepping up before the con is the best
way, but you can also volunteer when you get there.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Event Leads for
specific events or to me directly for general questions.


Jenn Eiland-Cross


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