CoD-X – Results of the Survey

Hey guys,

So, I let the survey stay open for a couple of extra days just to be sure, but here are the results.
(There are a few people that I know said they wanted to play, but have not answered the survey, so these are the answers without them.)
1) Types of Templates:
Vampire – 1
Werewolf – 2
Mage – 3
Changeling – 2
Beast – 3
Lesser Templates (Mortal, Ghoul, Wolfblood, etc.) – 3
So it looks like we are going to have a fairly even spread across the board of all the different types of supernaturals, which is what I was hoping to see. We actually do have more lesser Templates that I originally thought we would, but do not worry, I will definitely be able to intergrate them into the story, while having the others, so everyone feels like part of the story!
2) From most preferred (1) to least preferred (3), when would you like game to be held?
Totals were:
Friday Night – 2.21
Saturday Day – 1.79
Saturday Night – 2.0
Full results: 1 2 3
Friday Night 7 people 3 People 4 People
Saturday Day 2 People 7 People 5 People
Saturday Night 5 People 4 Poeple 5 People
Since I asked the question the way I did, the lower number is the more popular number, with Saturday day appearing to be the most popular, at 1.79, but looking the actual results, there were only two people that listed that as their #1 choice, with Friday night getting 7, and saturday night getting 5. As there were the most people that said that Friday Night Would be their most preferred time, and the least amount of people that said it would be their least preferred time, I think I am going to plan for it to be on Friday nights.
For the March Pre-chronicle meet up, when would you like to have the get together. This is the meeting that gives 1 XP for the month to PCs in the venue. (Choose 1 or more of the times below)
So this one actually was much easier to see the result of when we will have the meeting. 71.43% of the people that responded (10 out of 14 members) said they would actually prefer Saturday, March 31st during the day for the meet up, so that will be when our meet up is. If everyone is ok with it, I will have the meeting at Coffee Rush once more, planning for a noon time start up.
I am in the process of writing up the time line as well as the Apex Predator and such, hoping to have that all to you this weekend. My new work got incredibly busy last week, so I was working a bunch of overtime last week and this week, but I plan on sitting down and doing a bunch of work before the C/A game on Saturday.
I am also going to be working on the VSS that I will want to submit, and will be looking for input on that here shortly.
Thank you,
Kevin Hislop

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