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Sabbat – The Dark Redemption August Game Announcement

IC Teaser: The Diocese of Prescott and Flagstaff has eliminated a minor threat, the rogue Toreador author, and is working to round up the remnants of her signed “Absent Sway” books. Information has been gained regarding The Hag and her allies, all True Sabbat are invited to an Esbat to plan for the coming fight

Sabbat – The Dark Redemption July Game Announcement

IC Teaser: A Holy Synod recently occurred in Mexico City, the Prisci Counsel has spoken, changes have occurred. Smash, the former Vicar of the Loyalist Faction was revealed as a Traitor and slain by the Loyalists. Joseph Pander has stepped down from the Prisci Counsel. Bruce de Guy, the former Cardinal of the Southwest, has

Sabbat – June Game Announcement

IC Teaser: A non-aggression pact has been made to create a grand “alliance” in opposition to the Hag and her allies. But little has been heard from Grendel … and what led to the recent surge in Hunter activity. Additionally, the Cardinal of the Southwest was convinced to not make his planned announcement in Reno,

Sabbat – Game Announcement 4/28/18

IC Teaser: Due to the extensive efforts of members of the local Diocese, an opportunity to strike at Little Bob and his pack of wolves has been arranged and the Bishop of War has put out a call to all local, able bodied members of the Sword of Caine to assist in their elimination. Current

Sabbat – News and Rumors

The IC News & Rumors have been updated: — Bryan Lee Briggs DMH Sabbat VST US2016010036 DISCLAIMER: This email and any attachment is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living

Sabbat – April Sabbat Game

The survey has been completed with the following results: 78.6% of respondents were in favor of rescheduling the game. The most popular date for the rescheduled game (71.4%) was Saturday April 28th. So, I will be rescheduling the April DMH Sabbat game for Saturday, April 28th. However, March downtime submissions are still due by 23:59:59

Sabbat – April Game Survey

Since the San Diego FGoTM coincides with our local Sabbat game in April, I thought I would check to see if people were interested in potentially rescheduling our local game to allow local players to attend both games: This survey will remain open until next Wednesday (2018-03-21). — Bryan Lee Briggs DMH Sabbat VST