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SW MES – San Diego FGotM

HI Again MES! I may have already posted once today but, we have made some adjustments that I wanted to get out to you all immediately! Again, our FGotM is coming up this month April 13th and 14th in Rancho Bernardo at the Radisson Hotel. Details as a reminder … When? – 04/13/2018 and 04/14/2018

NCA – Notes for ECRE and Beyond

All, CAiNE kicked off our convention season, as well as starting the CoD-X venue, and we’re super grateful to Jessica and her team for the excellent start! Next up we have ECRE in Cincinatti <>, then SWRE in Reno in May <>. And, of course, MESCON in Memphis in June <>. You can

SW MES – Character Transfers

Ladies and Gentlemen, It has come to the attention of the Regional Storyteller’s office that there is some confusion over transferring characters from one VSS to another. According to page 11 in the membership handbook: *”To transfer a character to another VSS, obtain approval from the Storyteller with jurisdiction over both their current venue and