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CoD-X – July Game Announcement

Morning everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a CoD-X game this Friday 7/27. We are still on vacation, but I will send out the actual announcement after we get back, on Wednesday Thanks, Kevin Hislop US2005043260 iVST DMH CoD-X

CoD-X – VST Application Period – Trust But Verify CoD-X VSS

I am beginning the application period for our CoD-X VSS: Trust But Verify VST election. Applicants must be current paid members, who are familiar with the game, and if elected, the term of service is one year. At this time, if you are interested in applying for the position, please email me privately with the following information, using the subject

CoD-X – June Game Rescheduled

Good morning everyone.  As I announced on Saturday at C/A, with the number of players we have going to MESCON, our game would be down about 1/4 of the usual attendees. As such, I have made the decision to delay the game until the Friday of the 5th weekend (June 29th).  Actual announcement of the

CoD-X – Game Date Survey

Good Morning everyone, With our game normally being scheduled for the 4th weekend, that is the same weekend as MEScon this month.  I created a very quick survery to see if people are a) going to MEScon, and b) are people ok if we move the game to the 5th weekend, since we have one

CoD-X – Game Announcement

Good Afternoon, The second CoD-X game for the Dead Man’s Hand domain will take place on Friday, May 25th.  Sign-in will be at 7:00 PM with Game On at 8:00 PM. IC invitations will be coming out later, but I wanted to make sure this was out for everyone to see. Game is at the Casa de Corg.  Just

CoD-X – Game #1 Teaser

A letter arrives to each of you, either in actual letter in the mail, a spirit or some other means. “Hi.  I would say I hope this has gotten to the right place, but I know that it has. Anyways, my name is Hermes, and I wanted to invite all of you to a get

CoD-X – First Game

Alright guys, Our first official game is going to be on Friday (4/27).  The game will be held at our house (contact the VST @, with a sign in at 7, game on at 8. My big question is if people will be ready for us to have an actual game or do we need another

CoD-X – Redone VSS

Hey Guys, Realized I left something in the VSS that I did not intend (The territory section), so I removed that and added in the standard Proxy and other info for Dead Man’s Hand.  I am trying to figure out a good VSS name.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


Hey Guys, Attached is the preliminary VSS I am thinking of submitting for CoD-X game.  If you have any questions about it, let me know.  I will be holding off for a couple days before I submit so I can hear comments. Also, I know lots of people are on the CoD-X group, but if

CoD-X – Results of the Survey

Hey guys, So, I let the survey stay open for a couple of extra days just to be sure, but here are the results. (There are a few people that I know said they wanted to play, but have not answered the survey, so these are the answers without them.) 1) Types of Templates: Vampire