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Garou – Announcements / July Game Rescheduled

Howdy, guys! I’ve got some OoC and IC announcements for ya! Lets start with the OoC: 1.) I NEED AVSTs. I’ve put out a few all-calls at games and over the lists, but I have gotten a very limited reply. In fact, I currently had 1 active aVST, and she serves more in a Narrator

Garou – June Game Announcement

Loss   It affects all of us. The clawing, needling sickness that worms its way into our hearts, casting doubt and pain in its wake.   But loss is nothing new, and even as death stalks the Sept, new beginnings flourish. New laws passed by the Tribal Council give rise to new hopes and resentments in equal

Garou – Game Announcement, May 2018

IC Announcement: One year.   Struggle. Hardship. Conflict.   For one year the Sept of Warrior’s Wisdom has existed. For one year it has repelled all attacks and stood strong in the face of the Wyrm.   Almost as if the herald the occasion, the umbra has once again begun to storm. At first these storms were

SW MES – San Diego FGotM

HI Again MES! I may have already posted once today but, we have made some adjustments that I wanted to get out to you all immediately! Again, our FGotM is coming up this month April 13th and 14th in Rancho Bernardo at the Radisson Hotel. Details as a reminder … When? – 04/13/2018 and 04/14/2018

Garou – Arizona going to San Diego feature game.

Ooc ish: So I know quite a few of you are planning on going to the San Diego feature game. I am posting the latest request from the SD VST. And I wanted to open discussion on what we all want to do and if we wanted to stick together in what part of the

Garou – Announcements

Good afternoon Everybody, hope your Friday is going well. Wanted to make a few announcements; 1.) Last Game (March 3rd) ended a bit abruptly as such, an announcement that should have been made by yours truly was missed. For the rescue mission that was run last game, the Wyrmfoe spent a Glory renown to make