Month: July 2018

MES – All Call ANC Chief of Staff

First of all I want to thank Jen Brazas for all of her hard work and dedication to the National Coordinators office. She was an amazing asset and I hate that she is leaving the team. This means that I am looking for a new ANC Chief of Staff. I am looking for a CoS

CoD-X – July Game Announcement

Morning everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a CoD-X game this Friday 7/27. We are still on vacation, but I will send out the actual announcement after we get back, on Wednesday Thanks, Kevin Hislop US2005043260 iVST DMH CoD-X

MES – Board Election: Application Period 7/16-7/27

Hello MES! We are now accepting applications for the Board of Directors for Mind’s Eye’s Society.  There are three seats available which will be filled in an open election of the general membership of MES.  The seats are currently held by Holly Houtekier, Martin Chamberlain, and the seat recently vacated by Spider Wingate. Per our

CoD-X – VST Application Period – Trust But Verify CoD-X VSS

I am beginning the application period for our CoD-X VSS: Trust But Verify VST election. Applicants must be current paid members, who are familiar with the game, and if elected, the term of service is one year. At this time, if you are interested in applying for the position, please email me privately with the following information, using the subject

Sabbat – The Dark Redemption July Game Announcement

IC Teaser: A Holy Synod recently occurred in Mexico City, the Prisci Counsel has spoken, changes have occurred. Smash, the former Vicar of the Loyalist Faction was revealed as a Traitor and slain by the Loyalists. Joseph Pander has stepped down from the Prisci Counsel. Bruce de Guy, the former Cardinal of the Southwest, has

Cam/Anarch – Downtimes Due Wednesday July 12

Sending out a friendly reminder that Downtimes Due Wednesday July 12. I will likely be done with all DTs responses no later than Saturday 14th so any additional things can be handled before game. Please Remember you WILL NOT get an email response for your DTs, but they will all be done through your shared document