Month: June 2018

MES – Southwest RST All Call

All, This is very important, so please read all the information within. Regional Storyteller is one of the most difficult jobs within our organization, and I would like to thank *Mike Day* for his dedicated service as RST. At this time, I am making an all call for the position of *South West* Regional Storyteller. 

Sabbat – June Game Announcement

IC Teaser: A non-aggression pact has been made to create a grand “alliance” in opposition to the Hag and her allies. But little has been heard from Grendel … and what led to the recent surge in Hunter activity. Additionally, the Cardinal of the Southwest was convinced to not make his planned announcement in Reno,

DMH – Domain Meeting

Greetings all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Just had a couple of announcements from the DC’s office. First off, I wanted to let everyone know that the Don Cassano room has been rented for all of our scheduled games this month, with the exception of CoD-X, as that game is small enough to

CoD-X – Game Date Survey

Good Morning everyone, With our game normally being scheduled for the 4th weekend, that is the same weekend as MEScon this month.  I created a very quick survery to see if people are a) going to MEScon, and b) are people ok if we move the game to the 5th weekend, since we have one

Garou – June Game Announcement

Loss   It affects all of us. The clawing, needling sickness that worms its way into our hearts, casting doubt and pain in its wake.   But loss is nothing new, and even as death stalks the Sept, new beginnings flourish. New laws passed by the Tribal Council give rise to new hopes and resentments in equal