Month: March 2018

Garou – Arizona going to San Diego feature game.

Ooc ish: So I know quite a few of you are planning on going to the San Diego feature game. I am posting the latest request from the SD VST. And I wanted to open discussion on what we all want to do and if we wanted to stick together in what part of the

CoD-X – Redone VSS

Hey Guys, Realized I left something in the VSS that I did not intend (The territory section), so I removed that and added in the standard Proxy and other info for Dead Man’s Hand.  I am trying to figure out a good VSS name.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

NCA – Notes for ECRE and Beyond

All, CAiNE kicked off our convention season, as well as starting the CoD-X venue, and we’re super grateful to Jessica and her team for the excellent start! Next up we have ECRE in Cincinatti <>, then SWRE in Reno in May <>. And, of course, MESCON in Memphis in June <>. You can


Hey Guys, Attached is the preliminary VSS I am thinking of submitting for CoD-X game.  If you have any questions about it, let me know.  I will be holding off for a couple days before I submit so I can hear comments. Also, I know lots of people are on the CoD-X group, but if

SW MES – Character Transfers

Ladies and Gentlemen, It has come to the attention of the Regional Storyteller’s office that there is some confusion over transferring characters from one VSS to another. According to page 11 in the membership handbook: *”To transfer a character to another VSS, obtain approval from the Storyteller with jurisdiction over both their current venue and

Garou – Announcements

Good afternoon Everybody, hope your Friday is going well. Wanted to make a few announcements; 1.) Last Game (March 3rd) ended a bit abruptly as such, an announcement that should have been made by yours truly was missed. For the rescue mission that was run last game, the Wyrmfoe spent a Glory renown to make

Sabbat – April Sabbat Game

The survey has been completed with the following results: 78.6% of respondents were in favor of rescheduling the game. The most popular date for the rescheduled game (71.4%) was Saturday April 28th. So, I will be rescheduling the April DMH Sabbat game for Saturday, April 28th. However, March downtime submissions are still due by 23:59:59

Sabbat – April Game Survey

Since the San Diego FGoTM coincides with our local Sabbat game in April, I thought I would check to see if people were interested in potentially rescheduling our local game to allow local players to attend both games: This survey will remain open until next Wednesday (2018-03-21). — Bryan Lee Briggs DMH Sabbat VST

CoD-X – Results of the Survey

Hey guys, So, I let the survey stay open for a couple of extra days just to be sure, but here are the results. (There are a few people that I know said they wanted to play, but have not answered the survey, so these are the answers without them.) 1) Types of Templates: Vampire